This is a very big question, isn’t it? Most people always want to find “the best”, but it is not always a good idea to think like that. The problem is that people don’t think that there’s not “the best” for all dating niches. Yes, you’re correctly read! Because in all software you always have the “pros” and the “cons”. You have to find the best “dating software” regarding your niche. It should have the features closer with your “dating niche”.

We believe that PH7CMS is a good choice for most niches, but again not for all. pH7CMS is also more adequate for “experimented developers” and not for “amateurs”, because it provides a lot of options that can be difficult to manage for someone who doesn’t have basic knowledge in IT.

Anyway, we have a really good news today if you’re not very experimented in IT. We’re currently developing a “quite” different and simpler dating builder. It will be much simple to install and to manage (and also for everything else…).

I think you understand better now why I told you that there is not the “best “dating script”‘ but there is the “best” compared to what your business is… and so it is for this reason we have built two (quite different, I admit) Dating Software.

I will give you more news about that soon.

Stay tuned! 😉

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉