pH7CMS. New Version Release Update

pH7Builder v17.1.2 Released πŸ₯³

pH7Builder v17.1.2Β is now available πŸŽ‰ This version addresses the following changes: βœ”οΈ Removing a leftover file when the "game" module got removed - bcc92ec βœ”οΈ Not allow to select "No countries"
pH7CMS statistics, downloads

pH7CMS Basic Version = 64K Downloads

Hi guys! Hope you are still doing great with your online social/dating service... ;) Like what I did for pH7CMS 1.1, and last year, I checked today how many people downloaded pH7CMS
pH7CMS, Open Source CMS website

pH7CMS on OpenSourceCMS! 😊

Hi All! Today, I'm very happy to say that pH7CMS software is now listed on the very well-known (German) website "OpenSourceCMS"! 😊 You can see pH7CMS listing here. Enjoy!

Download link for pH7CMS 8

Hi guys! I published a post announcing pH7CMS 8 release. However, pH7CMS 8 build wasn't ready at that time. So for anyone who tried to download it, they got pH7CMS 7.1.3 instead. I'm