pH7CMS. New Version Release Update

pH7Builder v17.1.2 Released 🥳

pH7Builder v17.1.2 is now available 🎉 This version addresses the following changes: ✔️ Removing a leftover file when the "game" module got removed - bcc92ec ✔️ Not allow to select "No countries"
New Version Released

👉 pH7Builder v16.2.0 BETA 🤩

pH7Builder v16.2 Beta has just been released. This version introduced several bug fixes as well as a a much better support with PHP 8. Code refactoring has also been done for
New Version Released

👉 pH7Builder 16.1.0 BETA 🎉

Say hello to "pH7Builder 16.1.0!" 😍, which is skyping 16.0.2 because the changes will be more important than expected! 🥳 ✅ Fix incorrect sitemap URLs ✅ Added the pH7Builder's Premium theme as
New Version Released

pH7Builder v16 RC3 is OUT!

Yaaay!!! 😍 pH7Builder v16, RC 3 has now been released! With any luck, this RC should be the last one before the final v16 build! 🤗 👷‍♂️ Please feel free to