Social Dating CMS, 8.0.6 released

pH7CMS 8.0.6 is HERE!

Yaaay!!! pH7CMS 8.0.6 is now available! :) This is a minor version that fixes some coding style, database optimization and fixed some minor issues. You can download it right now here! ;) Good
pH7CMS 8.0.4 Release

pH7CMS 8.0.4 Released!

Hi guys! Hope you are still doing great today! pH7CMS 8.0.4 has just been released. The version fixed is just a maintenance one and just fix minor issues/improvements. You can download it right
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pH7CMS 8.0.3 Released!

Hi all! Hope you are still doing great! pH7CMS 8.0.3 has just been released. The version fixed a major bug with the blog module and a minor one in the avatar photo

pH7CMS 8.0.2 is out!!

Hi guys! Just a day after the release of pH7CMS 8.0.0, I'm very happy today to already announce you the release of pH7CMS 8.0.2 🎉🎉 Unlike the previous version, this version doesn't


Hi all! Hope you are doing great today! pH7CMS, version 8.0 has just been released for you! pH7CMS 8 is a big one (many, many, many files have been changed for refactoring

pH7CMS 7.1.3 Released! 🚀

Hi all! Today I'm again VERT VERY excited to announce the NEW RELEASE of pH7CMS! ;) You can download pH7CMS 7.1.3 here ;) This new version is mainly a minor version after the

pH7CMS 7.0.0 Released!!

Hi all! Hope you are still doing great! I'm very glad today to announce you the brand new version of "pH7CMS, NaOH, 7.0.0" 🏆🤗 This new versions got many code/speed improvements, improve the
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pH7CMS 6.0.13 Released!

Hi all! Today I have again a very exciting new for you ;) pH7CMS 6.0.13 has just been released. This is a minor version with a few minor fixes and lot of

pH7CMS 6.0.9 Released

Noway!! You know what?? pH7CMS 6.0.9 has just been released! :) This version contains CPU optimisation, minor improvements and fix missing assets (one missing image in a few templates). You can download
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pH7CMS 6.0.8 Released

Hi there! Hope you are still doing well today! :) Anyway, I'm very happy for you today because I just released pH7CMS 6.0.8. What's up in pH7CMS 6.0.8 A few bugs fixed
Social Dating Software

pH7CMS 6.0.1 Released!

Hi All :) Just released a minor release that fixes two minor bugs in the payment module caused by pH7CMS 6.0 and improves the Paypal library (with bug fixes as well