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Anyway, I’m very happy for you today because I just released pH7CMS 6.0.8.

What’s up in pH7CMS 6.0.8

  • A few bugs fixed with the “payment” module for Stripe and Paypal payment gateways.
  • Payment module has been improved. More details in the notification payment email have been added as well.
  • “Browse Users” page was displaying the admin IP instead of the user IP. Now fixed.
  • Improvement of the password algorithm and allows web developers to change the bcrypt work factor or hashing algorithm. It will automatically update the users’ passwords without breaking any passwords.
  • Better email permission reminder footer.
  • Autocomplete users’ details in contact form fields.
  • Remove some unused files (clock feature that isn’t used anymore).
  • Improvements for the getProfileLink() feature.
  • A few other minor improvements.

You can download this new version here.

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