We all know that maintain a website cost a lot (especially for user website) and update, upgrade, server maintain too!
However, you may know that unlike the competitors, pH7CMS is built on a 100% home-made engine and only less than 6% of the code used third-party libraries.
Yes, we have made that difficult decision, because we prefer to deliver a high quality code level and thinking in the future than deliver cheap software in a short time (like what most competitors do actually!).
Although the development of pH7CMS’s engine is a lot of time-consuming and very expensive (but we still deliver pH7CMS for free or on low-cost membership), it is cheaper for the long term (as well as for us than for you). With that kind of high level secure development, we can provide less update (so less time waste to update your site and for us to deploy the code), less modification or fix, less code reviews and less fear when something new comes (PHP version, new technology, new hacking method, etc.).
For example, I jut improved the guest template page by using the “for” loop of the home-made “pH7Tpl” template engine and noticed that the last update was made over 2 years ago. This can surprise most developers of think that the class is abandoned. In our case, it’s totally normal. 

Indeed, the last version has been made to update the language syntax of pH7Tpl. At this time, it doesn’t need any update. The code works perfectly well, doesn’t have any bugs and will be able to work on all next planned PHP version (PHP 5.6, PHP 7, …). 

Unlike other framework, we created high quality packages made already for the next upcoming PHP versions, containing a real clean code (and well commented) and with less bugs as possible (or not, if that may existed…).

So yes, we (and you) do not need to maintain frequently the software or solve bugs too often and can be more focus on next killer features and the perfect stability for the external modules.
Hope thanks this article, you know better our mentality and coding styles.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions concerning this.

Pierre 😉

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉