pH7CMS 1.2.7 has just been released with new improvements in modules and in its kernel framework + several bugfixes, lot of minor improvements, much better translation, more banner blocks have been added and PayPal payment error fixed.
This “special” Christmas version is relatively stable and will normally be the last one of this 2015 year (except if we find critical bugs).

Like the previous released, pH7CMS 1.2.7 has some bugfixes for the responsive design.
The Benchmark feature for developers (visible when the development mode is enabled) has also been updated and is now much more readable and SQL queries/time are more accurate than before.

pH7CMS 1.2.7 has better intuitive search experiences thanks to SISE Solution to give the best user experience on your dating site!

Intuitive Search Engine

The CSV User Importer (located in the Admin Panel -> User -> Import Users) has also been completely rewritten. Now you’ll be able to importer users much easier with CSV (or txt) files. And this feature is a Premium Modules!

CSV User Importer

As a Local Dating Site Bilder, this option needed to be added. Now users can find local users directly on the top menu on every pages for better and more “intuitive” dates…

Map Local Dating Site Builder

A new module called “Validate-Site” in this version has been added. This will allow you to always be up-to-date at any time on critical updates (that we don’t publish on our public site), new features, dating business, etc.

Stripe has been moved to Composer (nothing changed for you, except you can update the library easier it you are a developer).

A better security has also been added (although the other one was already very good) for checking file types when an Image/Video is uploaded to the server.

Finally since this version, pH7CMS is developed with PHP 7+ and pH7CMS 1.2.7 has also some changed to be compatible with this latest major PHP version.


To update your site to this new 1.2.7 version, as the pH7CMS’s database doesn’t have any change, you just need to overwrite the new files to your current installation in order to update your site (and not upload _install/ folder). Please make a backup of your site before and adding up your modification after.

If you are a VIP user, please keep in mind you can ask the technical support at any time in your client area if you have some troubles.

Also, in order to make the new update clean, please remove the following folder/file:

Hope you will like it πŸ˜‰

P.S. If you still don’t have pH7CMS Pro, you can download and test the trial basic version on Sourceforge.


Have an amazing day and happy Christmas! πŸ™‚
See you πŸ˜€

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here πŸ˜‰