pH7Builder v17.1.2 is now available ?

This version addresses the following changes:

  • ✔️ Removing a leftover file when the “game” module got removed – bcc92ec
  • ✔️ Not allow to select “No countries” for the available countries on the registration form and search forms – 4b846a2 – This will help to prevent issues if you mistakenly save No Country in the settings as this option isn’t possible.
  • ✔️ Fix incorrect return type declaration – 83647a6
  • ✔️ Rename the default PHP error log file to plural – e518dd6
  • ✔️And more! ?


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? Changelog from v17.1.0 to v17.1.2 ? 17.1.0...17.1.2

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pH7Builder is now recognised as an “Open Source Excellence” on SourceForge.

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