Hi folks!

Happy news again for you!! pH7CMS 3.1 has just been released (a new version made with lot of ❤️❤️❤️ especially for YOU!).

As you might know, pH7CMS uses now the new versioning system since pH7CMS 3 and so this version had to be “3.1”.

What’s up in pH7CMS 3.1?

  • Possibility to change in the admin panel the number of profiles displayed on the splash homepage.
  • Added nicer buttons (better design) for “mail”, “report”, “admin module manager” and “users browse” modules.
  • A few bugs fixed (very, very minor).
  • mail module got a much simpler design (better for small devices such as iPhone 4/5).
  • User browse pages have been slightly redesigned (as well as “field” module for its homepage).
  • forum module got slightly improvements and the template (HTML) source files got new indentation (much nicer for developers).
  • A few other minor improvements (good for your site but you won’t probably notice them… ?).

Okay! I hope you are still enjoying your online dating service powered by pH7CMS! ?

Finally, for those who are already running pH7CMS 3.0, there is no need to upgrade to pH7CMS 3.1 (go spending your time on better things that makes a difference ?).

Have an amazing and lovely day! ?

Stay tuned and be with us!

See you!

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉