Hi All! ?

The brand-new software, “pH7Builder” (pH7CMS v8 successor) is finally released!!! Yaaay!!!

A LOT of improvements, LOTS of code refactored, lots of bugs fixed and new features added (from over 800+ files changed). I cannot list all changes since there are way too many modifications (and lots of classes were practically rewritten from scratch), but the easiest way to get an overview, it’s to see the commits for the past year on Github or more specifically here.

pH7Builder, v10 is also a “bug-free” version. That’s means it has been tested several, several times and all files have been inspected to fix several bugs, undefined variables, etc. to make the “most stable community software” ever!

New design for the Subscription Pricing page and Braintree payment gateway has also been added (alongside Stripe, Bitcoin, PayPal and 2CO).

One more alert on the “Report Abuse” menu link has been added.

Notification alerts on drop-down menus are now only displayed if they are more than one notification (before, alert numbers were displayed even if they were zero alerts).

The email template designs have been improved for internal, admin emails.

Third-party libraries have been updated (composer packages, a few JS ones, GeoIP database, ..).

The software is now fully compatible with the latest PHP version (PHP 7.2).

For developers, a few new API endpoints have been added, so you can integrate your website easier into a native mobile app 😉

Video module (and photo module as well) have been improved. Short Dailymotion URL (“dai.ly/<VIDEO_ID>“) is now also accepted for uploading videos.

Default “avatar” images have been converted to SVG vector format for better render and optimization for mobile support.

Finally, the error/success messages have also been improved and some minor typos have been fixed 😉

Enjoy! 🙂 And all the best for your online dating startup ?

I really hope you will succeed thanks to “pH7Builder (pH7CMS)“, with your online dating community! ☺️

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉