Hi guys! Today I’m again very pleased to announce a great new pH7CMS version (plenty of nice improvements as usual ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

So, what’s up in pH7CMS 1.3.7?

  • New top menu for frontend and backend and specifically optimized for mobile devices with nicer style (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • New menu icons for better and nicer menu (on the first and second drop-down menu levels)
  • Migrated Youtube API v2 to the new API v3 (for retrieving the video’s data details)
  • Updated old flag icons (for the UK and EU flags)
  • Added social media sharing buttons for the Social Niche theme (choosable during the Niche Section in the installation wizard) and also activable in Admin Panel -> Settings
  • Adult disclaimer didn’t work on other template than the “base”. Now fixed
  • Rewritten of SettingFormProcess, MetaMainFormProcess and EditMembershipFormProcess classes for DRY principle and again in order to get the best code!
  • Bug fixed with email files when the template chosen was different than the “base” one
  • Some other nice improvements
  • On profile page, weight was displaying as height units. Thanks elimik31 for his contribution on pH7CMS’s GitHub!
  • Several other minor bugs fixed

pH7CMS New Menu Tabs Icons


Again, I hope this new 1.3.7 version will make your life and your social business easier and more profitable ๐Ÿ˜‰
See you very soon for some other exciting posts, here on pH7CMS’s blog!

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here ๐Ÿ˜‰