Hi all! Today I’m again very happy to announce you a new release available for pH7CMS.

As mentioned on my previous post concerning pH7CMS 1.3.5, we are now working on short sprint releases which makes the development of “pH7 Social Dating CMS” much easier, efficient and faster.

Find below a brief summary of what has been done from the pending backlog

  • Improvement of the top menu bar, now fixed and more appropriate for “social/dating” community portals
  • All bugfixes with Google Map have been resolved
  • Improvements in the GoogleMap JS code generator
  • The Google Map is now fully responsive and will always be displayed well on any screen
  • Set another IP by default than the local ones (e.g. for the install sample data. So you can now create a new user through the registration form your local machine directly after the installation without getting “registration batch not allowed” error
  • Several other minor bugfixes and nice improvements


Hope this new version will make your life and your business/startup always much easier 😉

See you very soon for some other exciting news!

Google Map Social Dating Profiles

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉