Hi All! 🙂

How are you today?

After pH7 Social Dating Builder 14, RC 2, today I’m glad to announce you the availability of pH7Builder 14 RC 3 has just been released! ?

Feel free to test it and open issues if you find bugs or weird things in order to provide quality assurance for the next stable version.

Full Github Changelog from v14, RC2 to RC3: https://github.com/pH7Software/pH7-Social-Dating-CMS/compare/14.0.0-rc2…14.0.0-rc3

P.S. RC1 to RC2 can be found here.

Further information about pH7 Social Dating Builder RC1 can be found on this blog post ?

Enjoy It! ?
And have a lovely summer ?

pH7 Social Dating Builder, 14 RC3, released

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉