Hi Everyone! ?

Today, I’m very proud to announce pH7 Social Dating Builder, version 12.9.9! ?

This new version improves some minor security things, cleans up several files for better readability and coding conventions, improves the payment module with better error messages and code refactoring, etc.

The Profile Controller of the “user” module and “cool-profile-page” module have been both updated to avoid duplicating code as much as possible.

“Video” and “Picture” modules have their “Creation Date” and “Modified Date” as text date (e.g. “Two months ago” instead of “2018-06-29 12:56:11“). ⏰

pH7Tpl (the homemade template engine used for pH7CMS’s views) has been refactored and improved (#228).

A few bugs have also been fixed! ?

I really hope you will enjoy my hard work! ? And that it will be useful with your Web project! ?

Anyway, Good LUCK with your Social Dating Website! ??

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉