Hi guys,

Today I want to help you to market your Dating Site.
In Marketing, most of the “smart” companies market nowadays their products on a blog (the result is currently the best).
A Blog give the only opportunity to know your clients and create a closer bond between you and future customers.
The blog allows future customers to know you better. Your customers do not want a cold company they do not know the people behind, but a close company of them who understand them and that is to help.
Then, the blog becomes an awesome opportunity to promote the products (or services like your dating/social services). In that stage, the client will be much more likely to become member (and buy a membership), because he will perfectly understand the reason of your service that you understand his needs and your only goal is to help him (and don’t take his money).
You will also be able to add a link on your pH7CMS bottom menu to your blog (I you don’t know how to do it, just contact the support through your client account and we will do it for you).
Soon, we will release a new module to integrate your FirstSite’s blog to your site (instead of the native blog module already included in pH7CMS).

The URL of the service is: FirstSite. Enjoy!
P.S.If you have any questions related to FirstSite, or to pH7CMS, please contact me to the contact form. I will be happy to read your message and do my best to help you.

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉