No need to be a developer or a genius to launch your own social dating website like Badoo, webapp or apps like Tinder.

With pH7Builder (formerly pH7CMS), all you need is to subscribe to a web hosting company and install β€œpH7Builder straight away.
With β€œpH7 Social Dating Builder Solution”, everything belongs to you. You own all the data of your users, the database is hosted where you want, etc. Want we do here, is just to provide a easy and 100% open source solution (similar to WordPress) to help you building the best online social dating service!

Finally, since the code is 100% open source, you can also hire a PHP7 Developer to add new features or change things to match with your needs.
I would recommend you (UpWork could be a good place too, however it’s usually harder to hire good and efficient devs there…, but it’s up to you!).

Finally, you can find good marketing teams on UpWork or hire one from a Web agency you already know.

All the best!!!

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