Hi all! 😊 How are you today? πŸŽ‰

Hooray πŸš€ …So, today, I have again an amazing news for you! πŸš€

Indeed, your favorite Community WebApp builder software, β€œpH7Builder 14.7” has just been released!
This monster release got A LOT of improvements, code refactoring, cleanup, bug fixes, faster page loads (and tends to consume less server resources “CPU”), better customization available in the admin settings (now, you can also disable the users’ birthdays page at anytime), and many surprises JUST for YOU!

I will keep this blog post short. Indeed, before I used to write long release posts with all details, etc., but I released most of the folks here, prefer to directly test and use the brand new software, rather than reading (boring…) notes about the new software’s release, which totally makes sense (and it saves me time too πŸ˜‰).

So, feel free to install it by downloading it from Sourceforge or installing it with Softaculous (if your web hosting supports it). Usually, available from cPanel -> β€œSoftaculous” icon.

Hope you will LOVE it! 😍

Enjoy your Social Networking or Dating website!!! πŸ€— And wish you all the best with your new exciting online adventure! πŸ…

Remember: Don’t be blind, working hard. Instead, work smart, be strategic!

P.S. I do my very best to write the best as possible social dating builder software for you. Now, I believe in you to do your very best to offer the best β€œonline social community platform” to your users, and give them a unique experience. If you give amazing values to the people thanks to your web service, you will receive awesome values too, from them (e.g., they will be willing to pay to access to your online service, etc).

Better Software, Better Alternative Social Dating PHP Software

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here πŸ˜‰