pH7Builder, v15.3.0 has just been released ?


  • Support to override headings (H1 to H3). Option available in Admin Panel -> Setting -> General -> Override Website ?Colors.
  • Several improvements ?
  • Updated the third-party libraries ?
  • Updated the Geo IP database ?
  • Code refactoring ?
  • Affiliate registration email when updating affiliate account status (by admins) after receiving a new application wasn’t working. Now fixed: 89781bc
  • Bug fixes ?
  • German language added ?? (available on the pH7 Internationalization repo).


? Enjoy your Marvelous Social Dating Web App! ?

The full change log can be found here:…15.3.0

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Pierre-Henry ?‍?

override website colors

pH7CMS, Social Dating Builder Released!

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉