Hi again folks!

Today, I wanted to share with you an incredibly experience I had with two other dating software providers.

Firstly, with every dating software providers I tested, I realized that it is very difficult to do something very simple (to be honest I really don’t understand how companies can still make so bad User Experience).

So, in my case, I wanted to remove a profile picture of a user since he uploaded an inappropriate photo (and unlike pH7CMS, we have to do that manually because that software doesn’t have a nudity detector ?).
And finally, I released it was just impossible to remove the user’s photo (yes really ? I still cannot believe it!). I know another very similar competitor where it is possible but very difficult to find that simple option!).

With pH7CMS, we really try to make every simple thing/task the simplest for the administrators (you shouldn’t waste time to moderate your contents. Your time has to be spent on things where YOU can give real value to your business and we really try to understand that best).

Finally, to finish this post perfectly, I invite you (if not already done) to read the successful road of dating startups, step-by-step ?? It might give you some inspiration and good ideas of what you plan to build with us.

Stay tuned!

See you ?

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here ๐Ÿ˜‰