New Version Released

pH7Builder 15.4 BETA 2 Released! 😻

AMAZING news!!! Indeed, today, I'm releasing pH7Builder, v15.4.0, 'BETA 2' Some great new changes in this new BETA version: 🀩 βœ… Missing translation for singular/plural sentences. βœ… Hid users' passwords on a failed attempt. βœ…
New Version Released

pH7Builder 15.4 BETA1 Released! 🀩

Great news!!! Today, I'm releasing "pH7Builder, v15.4.0, BETA1 πŸŽ‰ As always, feel free to test it and leave your feedback/bug report on GitHub Issue at:
pH7Builder, the newest social dating builder

pH7Builder v15.3.0 Released 😻

pH7Builder, v15.3.0 has just been released πŸ†   Support to override headings (H1 to H3). Option available in Admin Panel -> Setting -> General -> Override Website 🎨Colors. Several improvements πŸš€
New Version Released

pH7Builder 15.3 RC3 Released!

Today, I'm releasing "pH7Builder, v15.3.0, RC3 πŸŽ‰ (for testing purposes) πŸ† With any luck, this RC version should be the last one before the stable final build! πŸ† (scheduled for the
New Version Released

pH7Builder 15.3.0 RC2 Released

Today, I'm very happy to announce to you the release of "pH7Builder, v15.3.0, RC2" (only for testing purposes for the moment). Feel free to test this version and leave your feedback/suggestion
New Version Released

pH7Builder v15.3 RC1 Released πŸŽ‰

Today, I'm glad to announce the release of pH7Builder, v15.3.0 Release Candidate 1 (for testing purposes). This latest version includes several improvements, new few features, and bug fixes of the
New Version Released

pH7Builder 15.1.6 Released

Yaaaaay! πŸ€— Soooo happy today to announce the release of the social dating software, pH7Builder, v15.1.6! πŸ‘ This new release mainly fixes bugs related to the previous release, "v15.1.0". Enjoy and all