Today I wanted to share with you the new things we will change on pH7CMS 1.2.

Here is the summary task which will be done (I took it from the Git roadmap):

  • Change the menu bar, rewrite the design and do it responsive.
  • Decrease the number of games. Keep only 3 per category. Currently, there are 11 categories, so 3*11= 33 games. Not more!(after all, everybody can add any games he wants through the admin panel).
  • Focus on profiles and relationship, less on features to do everything. Indeed, pH7CMS should focus more on “Dating Site Features Only” and less on a software that does everything even coffee, …
  • Improve the “membership” feature.
  • Improve the installation (make it easier).
  • Use Bootstrap style sheets.
  • Remove the “mobile” module (WAP integration), because it has become obsolete. Now we focus on the same design thanks responsible design.
  • Remove the “virtual-earth” module.
  • Remove “Russian”, “Hungarian” and “Swahili” languages in the installer. To keep the highest quality and avoid as much as possible the automatic translation, we decided to remove “Russian”, “Hungarian” and “Swahili” languages from the installer. If you are a native speaker, you can send the new version of the French/English language file by email.


Watch this post! I will regularly update it throughout the evolution of the development.

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉