Nowadays, you really have to be in a niche to succeed into the dating industry

Find the Right Niche for your Dating Web Apps

Every billion-dollar company started on a specific niche. The niche will be the image of your dating site, its character. You will be 100% on that particular niche and never do something that might break the niche.

I know it can seem stupid, but you really have to believe into your niche, be passionate and know it as well as the niche customers. The targeted people have to feel that your product has been specifically tailored for them.

Always start by growing up in a very small market

I see so many people starting a “generic” dating website in “different languages” and want to get anybody.. but that is unfortunately the wrong way to do πŸ™

I really want to help you, so please DO IT DIFFERENTLY AND NICHE IT.

Anyway, if you really want, “maybe” later, you might be able… to expend your niche.. but ONLY if you got 100% of the targeted people that are in that niche.

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Dating Startup in a Deep Niche

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