pH7 Social Dating Builder, v15.1, NOW Available!!! ?

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pH7Builder 15.1.0 is OUT! This new version includes several improvements, a few bug fixes and a XSS security patch ?

You can see the complete full changelog from pH7Builder v15.0.0 to v15.1.0 here ➡️ 15.0.0…15.1.0 ?

I hope you will LOVE this brand new version!!!! ❤️

Have FUN with your Dating Web App!

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P.S. It’s the first version packaged with pH7CMS Packaging. You might see less sub-folders in this zip, but everything should work as expected. If it doesn’t, please open a GitHub issue here ?

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Pierre-Henry ?

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉