As you maybe know, we have stopped the development of the “mobile” module (for a while now) because it has become obsolete and it will be removed on the 1.2 (as you have probably seen on the announcement of the pH7CMS roadmap).

We are currently working on a template 100% responsive and compatible on all modern devices (SmartPhone, iPhone, Android Phone, cellphone,  iPad, tablet, PC, laptop).

The advantages of a site under a responsive design are:

  • The code is not duplicated.
  • Maintenance is much easier
  • Features are not restricted unlike “Mobile Version”, which is a very basic version of the classic desktop website and users are often confused about it.


Mobile versions are therefore become obsolete since CSS3. Indeed, before CSS3, it wasn’t possible to set up responsive designs because “media queries” weren’t exist before. As pH7CMS wants always based on latest technologies, we decided to take this step! 😉


Finally, it will also increase your SEO/visibility. Indeed, mobile-friendly pages are more important than ever and Google has understood it very well.

Google-Mobile-Friendly label

P.S. Download pH7 Social Dating CMS, Here 😉