Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs are important for pH7Builder.

If they do not work properly, the site may not function properly and have the server overload, excessive CPU resources, database overload, etc.

The crons in pH7Builder are very easy to configure.

Attention, before continuing, you must change the secret word of cron (this is the parameter "secret_word" in the cron URL) by yours (through the Admin Panel -> Setting -> General -> Automation) to prevent others activate the cron without your knowledge.

For example, to perform the task for the database MySQL server,
you just need run it (e.g., cPanel or Plesk) every 96 hours with this URL "GET http://YOUR-SITE.COM/asset/cron/96h/Database/?secret_word=YOUR_SECRET_WORD"
You also have GET "option" parameters that are optional. Example: "" for repair your database or reset the statistics of your site by passing it as parameter "stat" instead of "repair".

An example below with crontab:

 crontab -e
 0 0 */4 * *  "GET http://YOUR-SITE.COM/asset/cron/96h/Database/?secret_word=YOUR_SECRET_WORD"

Do this for the rest of the URLs with the time corresponding to the folder name.
All cron jobs are located in the following directory: "/YOUR-PATH/YOUR-PROTECTED-FOLDER/app/system/core/assets/cron/"
Be Careful! Don't specify the end of the file: Cron.php in the executor of the cron job.


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