Build a full dating mobile app business, similar to Tinder

So, today you have a great idea and you want to build an amazing dating app similar to Tinder, but made with your own UNIQUE DNA, which will make your app MAGIC and will make people crazy and so addicted about it!

Or even, you can build a professional (~serious~) networking app such as Shapr app (which is a kind of niche… based on the same concept as Tinder app, but for professional networking).

The concept of your app is really unlimited. The only limitation you will have here is your imagination!

Imagination, Dating Business Idea

Once you have your AMAZING UNIQUE idea, you will need to contact some AWESOME Developers to make your app doable (which is very very hard to find, unfortunately).
I don’t want to discourage you, but it would be boring otherwise. Challenges make things exciting!!

Long Path. Dating Startup

Yes, finding the good ones is the hardest part (it’s the same as dating ^^), because most of the time, what you have in your mind and what you want is really different of what the devs understand.
For you, what you want sounds obvious, but the way how people will understand it will be different.

You will have to explain your idea deeply in every single detail.
Avoid any possible misunderstandings.

Confusion. Pitch an app idea to freelancer

In my case, when I started working as a freelancer, I misunderstood what the client wanted, because for him it was cleared (at least, in his mind), but for me, I thought what he meant was something quite different.
After that, I used to ask as many questions as needed and gave confirmations of what I understood in order to avoid misunderstanding with the client and avoiding wasting time and money for him. However, most of the devs don’t always do that, so you, as a good product manager, you will have to always make things clear.

Trust your Team

However, you will also have to trust your devs like your wife or husband, and build a long-term relationship with them. Because, believe me, your app will never be finished! As long as you are running your app(s), you will need your devs.
Your app will have to be constantly improved, need updates (because your app will rely on APIs, and they change quite often during the time and your app will need to be updated in order to continue working, etc).

So, yes, you will need to find great ones, and the most important, “passionate” about the dating industry and about the mission of your app! Your employees/team really have to be driven about the mission of your app/startup.

Passion Motivation

You will succeed for sure, but you have to be smart, move fast, and you don’t have to be greedy.
Finally, you don’t have to do this just for money. Of course, if you build a startup, at the end of the day it’s also for the money!, but it cannot be only for the money. It won’t work out otherwise.

Make Money with dating mobile app

Good places to start finding good developers might be Toptal, GitHub or LinkedIn.

Ask also for a Progressive Web app version (it’s the new trend, and in my opinion, it’s the future!).
With ReactJS (and even Ionic), you can build very easily an amazing webapp which is Progressive too ?
Concerning the backend of your app, it could be built with “API-Platform” and Symfony 5 for example, or Graphcool and GraphQL (which are awesome stacks for a solid dating application!).

Bonus: Do It Yourself

Bonus. Do It Yourself - Dating App Programming

If you wish, (and if you are motivated enough, because it takes a lot of time), below are the VERY, VERY BEST resources/websites (just what you need) to learn how to code an online dating Web application (like Tinder), a dating website, API and iOS/Android native mobile apps by yourself, and then build step-by-step your own dating service, by yourself (however, it will, unfortunately, take a lot of time to learn everything, to get experience, and to manage everything. It’s not something easy, especially if you don’t have a programming background! Just a warning, not to discourage you at all, but to tell you the truth).

Backend Development

Backend Development
  • – to learn Ruby on Rails. Screencast tutorials.
  • – to learn PHP with Laravel, and beyond! Screencast tutorials. Laracasts has also an amazing community with discussion boards.
  • – to learn PHP with Symfony. Screencasts and articles.

Frontend Development

Frontend Development
  • – to learn JavaScript, React, ES6, and so on. Screencast tutorials.
  • – to learn Swift. Courses in screencast and article formats.
  • – Android (Kotlin/Java) and iOS (Swift) development. High-quality screencast tutorials and well-explained articles (source code included).

Success! Accomplishment

All the best for your best project!!!

Feel free to ask me any questions if you need, at hi {{at}}

Happy life, successful dating business



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